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Stubborn Seed

Top Chef Jeremy Ford dreamed about opening his first restaurant for years. His dream manifested itself this year with Stubborn Seed, whose contemporary design and unique, intricate plates will surely take over Washington Ave. The space is small, but intimate in that way, providing seating for 74 guests. A simplistic design featuring sleek reds and industrial grays line the walls, baring a mixture of an Art Deco vibe and 1970’s inspired tones. There’s a full bar that lines the wall upon entrance, tempting visitors to try one of their signature cocktails like the sweet & powerful Desert Daisy. Grab your camera—you’ll want to snap a pic!

The Wahoo is the perfect example of experiencing the best of both taste buds…sweet and spicy will blend throughout as you cut your way through this dish. The Wahoo itself is mildly sweet, but dip it into the spicy buttermilk dressing and you’ll have an extra fiery zing. Sea grapes and Asian pears top off the pretty dish by adding another wave of sweetness to the explosion of flavors. Each dish at Stubborn Seed comes out fresh from the kitchen in a pleasing, eye-catching layout.

If you’re all about an adventurous dining experience, order the Chef’s Tasting menu. He will whip up his very best for you through all eight courses. During my Chef’s Tasting, I tried some delectable dishes that I had never tried before. An appetizer that stood out was the Warm Celery Root, with rich, buttery caviar, covered by a small but bold-tasting quail egg. Surrounding the root were fried Maitake mushrooms—I have never been a fan of mushrooms, but it’s undeniable that the crunchy, sweet Maitake made me fall in love.

The dessert that ended the Chef Tasting was the delightful Corn Pavlova. Buttered popcorn gelato topped with dehydrated popcorn sat adjacent to corn custard topped with bay leaf meringue and fresh blackberries. A true must-have for the sweet and salty fans! The dish exemplified what Jeremy Ford hoped to accomplish with this restaurant; a one-of-a-kind dining experience focused on bold creations and beautiful presentations. It’s safe to say that you’ll definitely grow a love for Stubborn Seed on your very first visit!

101 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

By Aaliyah Pasols