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So Romantic

It’s your wedding day! Love and excitement is in the air! A journey most of us will do once in a lifetime! This impeccable collection has been styled to give a twist to traditional wedding attire! 


She is wearing Zola Keller tiara $255, YSA Makino gown $5,899, A. Jaffe engagement ring $4,900 and A. Link diamond bracelet $8,650. He is wearing Billionaire tuxedo $4,950, pocket square $140, shirt $525, Maus and Hoffman Italo Ferretti bow tie with Swarovski crystals $350, and Breitling watch $6,910.


She is wearing Zola Keller veil $2,695, YSA Makino gown $6,675, rainbow earrings $15,040, cocktail ring $11,910 and diamond engagement ring $4,900. He is wearing Alessandro Di Lange dinner jacket $295, Ike Behar tuxedo shirt $265, Maus and Hoffman bow tie $130, cummerbund $125, studs and cuff links $215, slacks $325, and Hugo Boss shoes $225.


She is wearing Zola Keller illusion veil $495, Stephen Yearick gown $4,400, diamond and pearl earrings $30,000, cocktail ring $8,500 and engagement ring $4,900. He is wearing Billionaire sequined dinner jacket $2,795, shirt $525, bow tie $140, and Maus and Hoffman slacks $695.


She is wearing Rosaura Sias Pipenburg wedding gown $1,399, pearl and diamond earrings $13,750, bracelet $8,650 and pearl necklace $45,000. He is wearing Absolute Rebellion jacquard jacket $389, Maus and Hoffman striped shirt $275, slacks $325, Billionaire bow tie $140 and pocket square $140 and Hugo Boss tuxedo shoe $225.


Photographer – JAN FREIRE

Creative Director – BIANCA SÁNCHEZ



PRISCILLA HUGGINS nextmanagement.com

ROBSON COSTA nextmanagement.com



Billionaire http://www.billionairecouture.com/collections/miami/

Maus and Hoffman http://www.mausandhoffman.com

Rosaura Sias Pipenburg http://www.rosaurasias.com

Zola Keller http://www.zolakeller.com



Courtesy of Weston Jewelers http://www.westonjewelers.com


Shot on Location

Home of Giselle Benzion