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SoFlo Must Go’s

Wyn(d) Up

Extremely eventful week? Start your weekend fun off right at a creative, commendable place. El Patio in Wynwood will give you that delightful drink you’ve craved all week and, of course a terrific time! Ease into the alluring exotic tone of this spectacular patio bar. Order at least one of the joints most luscious liquors like the Violenta Violeta margarita. Have a vivacious night out. Have a night out at El Patio!


Sips of Happiness 

Whoever said that money couldn’t buy happiness, certainly never spent their money on a drink or meal at Portico. Superb wines, flavorful beers, groovy music, and amazing Italian foods are the perfect traits to sum up this open-air beer and wine garden. Whether you’re looking to turn up or down, make sure you’re headed towards Portico at Diplomat Landing! Drop by during Portico’s happy hour every day from 5pm-7pm to imbibe the incredible tap beers, bruschetta and wine offerings. Happiness will surely be found at Portico.


A Secret Garden 

Incredible music and mind-blowing entertainment with an enchanted, fairytale garden-like atmosphere that is out of this world, best describes båoli. This place caters to class A stars and international jetsetters. Every Wednesday night this amazing restaurant is South Florida’s most popular affair for the famous show, “My Boyfriend is Out of Town.” If you are planning a lively, luxurious night out, there is no better place than båoli.


Door of Leisure 

We all occasionally love to feel a sort of transitory escape, especially after a long, full week. Treat yourself to a night of laughter and fun at the Doheny Room—the place to jump into a world of complete freedom. Make it a night of your dreams, and create fascinating memories with your friends or meet new ones. This extraordinary ambiance is tucked away behind closed doors in the back of the Delano’s extensive lobby. So, open that door and walk into pure leisure.



The body heals with play, the spirit heals with joy, and the mind heals with laughter! Heal the mind from your rigorous week and laugh the night away at Improv Comedy Club and Theatre! As you sit back, take in the hilarious humor, and sip the joint’s most famous Melon Mule. Sensational entertainment is always a promise at this magnificent milieu. So, what are you waiting for? Head over and heel up at Improv Comedy Club!


By Madelyn Werder