A House of Wonders

Vicky’s House is 80’s Nostalgia in Milkshake Form

Venture through Coconut Grove until you reach the modest little gem that is Vicky’s House. Matt Kuscher, the mastermind behind restaurants Kush, LoKal, and others, has blessed South Florida with a different kind of creation. This milkshake bar and tasting room was designed to model his childhood home, complete with yellow flower wallpaper, a calendar that doesn’t change from the year 1986, a linoleum floor mirror, a yellow corded telephone, and more.

The specialty milkshakes are to-die-for creative concoctions with witty names like “Golden Girls” and “The Breakfast Club.” An old washer serves as a cooling spot for PBR beers, where they lay covered in ice. The best part? Almost everything is locally sourced. Ice cream from Dasher & Crank, ice cream sandwiches from Wynwood Parlor, snacks from Miami Smokers, donuts from Salty Donut, and Cuban coffee from La Llave. At Vicky’s House, you’ll be able to time travel to a time where life was simpler—just sip on a sweet milkshake and play some Galaga on the vintage arcade machine!


By Aaliyah Pasols