A Night of Smiles

On September 19th, smiles were abundant at Smokey Bones Bar + Fire Grill. Guests showed up at this charity event to help benefit Together Giving Smiles, a South Florida charity that aims to provide access to basic needs to children faced with economic and health issues in SoFlo and Latin America. Signature craft cocktails and delicious food like grilled chicken, steaks and wings were provided by Smokey Bones as attendees learned about the charity and all it does to help children in need.

Evelyn Davila and Ali-Marcelle Lee-Sin

Brad Ellman, Matt Welding, Victoria Jackman, and Eric Coombs

Michelle Shaw and Eli Rosales

Kevin Cabrera and Carolina Vargas

Heather Roberts, Shaunna Kelley and Amanda Rassi

Brittany Adams, Dan Adams, and Julio Murillo

Alyssa Romaine, Alex Balandis, Allie Rubin, and Sarah Kass

Ryan Esko and Mack100

Andy and Natalie Vilar