Allaire: Collection Privée

By Connoisseurs, For Connoisseurs!

This collection is the culmination of three years of intensive research. Named after their private developments and reserves. Each spirit was carefully crafted, under the highest standards of taste, smoothness, clarity, purity and superb ingredient quality. Innovation and exclusiveness are reflected in three masterpieces that together represent the finesse and sophistication of Allaire.

Quality, Elegance, Uniqueness.

Six-times Distilled Vodka

The unequaled flavors and aromas originate from our choice of select grains grown in the heart of the polish plains. Allaire vodka is handcrafted in small batches with crystal – clear water.

Crystal Reserve Rum

Rum from Barbados is considered by many the archetype to be taken as a reference point for others. Our rum is the ultimate expression of excellence from the island. Allaire rum is distilled from fermented molasses that comes from the best sugar cane of the island.

Aged Crystal Tequila

The uniqueness in Allaire Crystal aged tequila comes from using 100% select blue Tequilana Weber agaves from the Los Altos region in Jalisco, Mexico. Slowly cooked at lower temperatures for at least 48 hours to give a perfect balance of sweetness and true agave flavor.