An Enchanted Ruby

Hollywood came to the AMC Pompano Beach Muvico Theaters on November 30th when An Enchanted Ruby, a new family friendly film staring Seanna Pereira (Fox’s 24: Legacy) screened before an audience of family, friends and the general public. The inspiring movie, which has received a prestigious Dove Approval for all Ages, tells the tale of young Ruby (Seanna Pereira) who discovers her own magical powers and uses them to reunite with her mother. It also shares an uplifting anti-bullying message of love, tolerance and hope. An Enchanted Ruby, which also showcases Seanna’s powerful vocals, is set for future screenings in select theaters nationwide beginning, January 2018. The Enchanted Ruby is from DigiNext: Films That Matter.

Shulie Harazi, Sion Pereira, Seanna Pereira, Irene Storch, and Billie Feldman

Robert W. Pereira and Seanna Pereira

Mr. & Mrs. Ira Goldberg with Seanna Pereira

Lea Harazi, Seanna Pereira, and Sion Pereira

Marie Bergeron, Donnie Bergeron, and Seanna Pereira

Rita Case, Seanna Pereira, and Rick Case

Seanna & friends: Renee Lieberman, Cheyenne Denbaas, and Katelyn Fairy

Sion Pereira and Seanna Pereira

Ron Bergeron, Seanna Pereira, and Ali Waldman

Seanna Pereira with Mr. & Mrs. James Robertson and children

Prielle Tarazi and Seanna Pereira

Elizabeth Sweezy and Seanna Pereria