Cadillac ATS-V Coupe: Invigorating Power Meets Exceptional Luxury

The Cadillac V-Series redefines the meaning of a luxury vehicle by combining forces with unrivaled power and speed. The entire V-Series line-up is inspired by Cadillac’s fast-paced, heart-stopping, high performance racing circuit. Complete with a carbon-fiber hood, aerodynamic design and V-forged alloy wheels, the V-series is impossible to match.

Introducing the 2017 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe, a luxury vehicle you’ll have to drive to believe. Inspired by top-of-the-line, race-ready vehicles, it is tailor-made to bring a stunning performance to everyday driving. It’s carved to compete and this is where the line becomes blurred between its turbo charged genesis and athletically stoic street presence. Every design element serves a deliberate, functional and aesthetic purpose. Innovations in everything from aerodynamics to materials result in an intimidating sum of its parts, both on the street and at the starting line.

The ATS-V Coupe brings you to the edge of your seat with 464 horsepower, a top speed of 189 mph, and goes from 0-60 in less than 4 seconds. The ATS-V’s race-inspired design is sure to make any trip feel like you’re taking laps around a track. The ATS-V Coupe could be taken straight from the road to the track. With its powerful Twin Turbo engine, class-leading torque, and aggressive acceleration, it redefines the limits of performance. Inside and out, the ATS-V is fitted with race-inspired design, engineering and technology features that make it perfectly suited to dominate the road. The standard has been set, and its territory marked.

“Cadillac has never had a vehicle like the 2017 ATS-V Coupe. Power like this can’t be talked about, it has to be experienced and we are proud to present this vehicle to South Florida,” boasts Teddy Morse, Chairman/CEO of the Ed Morse Automotive Group.

Once you make it past the exquisite beauty and the immense power under the hood, you’ll realize there’s still one more area that sets the V-Series apart from the rest; its unparalleled interior features. Test your skills on the track with Cadillac’s performance data recorder. This device allows you to record your entire drive and delivers real-time video, audio and performance metrics. Keep your eyes on the road with a futuristic heads-up display. Immerse yourself in concert-style surround sound with Bose Speakers. Stay connected with a wireless charging station, 4G LTE wireless connection, and Cadillac CUE.

Experience the combination of luxury and speed with the entire 2017 Cadillac V-Series lineup including the 2017 ATS-V Coupe, ATS-V Sedan and the 2017 CTS-V Sedan at all 5 Ed Morse Cadillac locations.