FROST Museum of Science

Dedicated to sharing the power of science, sparking wonder, investigation, and fueling innovation for the future.

Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is scheduled to open May, 2017. Designed by Grimshaw Architects, its new home will be in Downtown Miami’s Museum Park. The 250,000 square foot facility combines a planetarium, aquarium and science museum on one campus, furthering Miami-Dade County’s vision of Miami as a major cultural hub with one of the most sophisticated science and technology museums in the nation. “Frost Science is a testimony to so many who gave their passion and dedication to making this a reality. The museum will be a place where our community can learn about 21st-century science and technology in an era where science and technology is defining all that we do. Our goal is to be a vibrant educational resource to the local community and an international destination for visitors that encourages curiosity and investigation.” Frank Steslow, Frost Science President.