Get Moving

Whether you are looking to buy your first home or downsizing after years of memories, here are a few key tips from a South Florida pro that will help you keep stress levels low and equity values high.

Q: How do I choose a realtor? Since they all use the MLS, does it really matter who I list with?

A: It matters a great deal. Your choice of a Realtor is the single most important decision you will make when it comes to selling your home. Choosing a Realtor with experience, professionalism, knowledge, a strong work ethic, and an in depth understanding of your market will impact your sale’s success. Any Realtor can input your listing into the MLS, but the best will provide services well beyond listing and showing your home. When interviewing prospective Realtors, get the facts. What have they sold? Are they willing to work for you full time? Can they provide you with solid references from both buyers and sellers who will describe how their services and recommendations resulted in a positive and successful experience? Realtors with a background in design and staging, knowledge of market trends and resources will make the difference between a listed home and a sold home. A seasoned professional should have a plan in place from preparing your home for the market, all the way to the closing table.

Q: Once I select my realtor, what should I do to get my home ready for sale?

A: Pre-sale preparation is key. This is an area where your choice of Realtor is critical. Buyers will be more attracted to your home if your Realtor has made the proper recommendations to help you prepare your home, inside and out, for sale,
De-clutter! My favorite saying in today’s market is “less is more.” This is a great time to get organized and eliminate all that “stuff” you have been accumulating all these years and really don’t want or need anymore. Many non-profit organizations will come to you and pick up these items at no cost. An additional benefit is that this donation may be a tax write off for you. By starting with these initial steps you will save valuable time and grow your potential to make more money.