How to Make an Impact on Your Career

Here are a few tips on how to identify career goals and take your career to the next level.

As someone who has overcome immense physical and mental hurdles throughout my life, I connect with my clients on a compassionate and deeply personal level because I’ve been there.

The quick and dirty of my story: I was born without one of my ears and underwent various, intense surgeries throughout my earliest years. Later on, I overcame paralysis at the age of 17. Subsequently, I faced depression head on. It’s an unbelievable story of beautiful highs and devastating lows. Through it all, I emerged grateful. These experiences gave me the insight to develop what would later be my edge and inspire me to approach my client work in a unique way.

As an Impact Coach and creator of the Impact Retreat, there are two important tips to help identify professional goals and take your career to the next level. Change your perspective, then change your work goals accordingly.

If you want to experience real change in your career, then you must change the way you perceive things. Taking an objective stance enables us to figure out our “why” and envision work goals with a different and more creative perspective. Build awareness, identify areas you’d like to improve, and what exactly you’d like to be doing differently. The challenge here is staying motivated, focused, and keeping the goal of “success” in mind.

Visualize your success. Dream up your ideal (and realistic) successes and talk about it with others. Level up! Close your eyes and imagine how it would feel to go through the motions of your success. Truly visualize why you’re motivated, what you need, and what sets that energy in motion. Then start incorporating aspects of this visualization into your life, little by little.

What sets the Impact Retreat apart from other forms of therapy and life coaching programs is that it integrates a blended approach of one-on-one impact coaching (as I call my sessions and programs), mindfulness practices, and luxury services to facilitate personal breakthroughs in your career, personal life, at home, or as an individual.

With the blessing of my client, I come into their environment to witness, firsthand what it’s like to be them — everyday. From there, I tailor an experience that will change their life in three-to-five days. The mission: to impact the lives of others who will in turn impact lives around the world. In my private practice, I felt clients were unable to receive all the help they needed, and that coming to an office once a week for 60 minutes would never be enough. The traditional method felt stale and outdated. After experiencing the power of therapy as a client and a professional, I noticed that there was a missing link between therapy and the feeling of being “stuck.” The Impact Retreat synthesizes the best of what I learned academically, through research, and what I learned from my unique life experiences.