Is Your College Graduate Ready to Go From College Life to Real Life?

Congratulations, your child has just graduated from four years at college! You have paved the way for their education, but are they educated on how to go from college life to real life?

In today’s “new normal,” the rules of the career game have changed. A dream career is no longer contingent upon what college one attends or what the GPA is. In today’s career market, there are five steps for a newly minted grad to follow in order to best pivot from college life to landing their dream career:

Here are the five steps for grads:

“TA DA” list.
Make a free association list of all the things that you feel good about in your life. Identify values, passions, pursuits, and involvement in activities from community service and Greek life, to athletics, internships, and jobs.

What can be said about you that sets you apart? Today’s interviewers are seeking those who can carry on conversations, not monologues. It is an equal exchange of energy and knowledge. To every interview, bring 4-5 stories to share.

Once you have your stories, weave them into a branded resume that communicates your personal brand. When the interviewer asks what you did at a job, use your stories that coincide with your resume. Think connection.

Interviewing is like auditioning for a movie role. Play your part! Come in dressed like the character you are portraying. If it is a chill environment like music, dress in a similar manner. For a CPA, a suit and tie may be required. Make sure you have practiced your role, your story. Make the interviewer feel who you are, not just what you have done.

Sending your resume blindly through job search websites does not open doors, in fact, in most cases you’ll end up on the bottom of the pile. Extensive networking is the key to opening doors, getting through them, and ultimately landing a career.

When seeking a career path, it is most helpful to find a career advisor or coach who can serve as a GPS to help navigate the journey. Sometimes having someone as a co-pilot will most certainly get a job seeker to where they want to go faster. Parents and grads: work smarter, not harder!

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By Debra Olshan Cooper
Founder of Your Career Design Lab
Phone: (917) 847-8035