Mercedes Mayback

Mercedes-Maybach uniquely enriches the experience of travel by automobile. Eight additional inches of wheelbase heighten comfort and lengthen legroom. Its proportions are at once majestic and modern. Two biturbo engines, a 449-hp V8 or a 523-hp V12, unleash a torrent of torque. The spacious cabin is resplendent in its display of handcraftsmanship. Extraordinarily supple Exclusive Nappa leather is handstitched throughout the cabin, not only on the seats but also the dashboard, ceiling and pillars. Paired with a 7-speed automatic in the V12 S600 or a new 9-speed in the V8 S550, acceleration is seamless. Whether merging into traffic or passing on a highway, response is immediate. With ECO Start/Stop and other advances, their performance is also efficient.