Rusty Pelican Hosts Crowd of Over 500 for Miami Is Not Plastic Kickoff

The launch party for the #MiamiIsNotPlastic campaign, an environmental effort to focus attention on single use disposable plastic’s effect on Miami waters, was held at the iconic waterfront dining destination, Rusty Pelican in Key Biscayne. #MiamiIsNotPlastic is a joint effort between Rusty Pelican and its neighboring sister restaurant Whisky Joe’s, and Rickenbacker Marina. This collaboration began the initiative to reduce the single use disposable plastic footprint. They combined efforts with local civic partner, Debris Free Oceans, to join the global movement to unclog our oceans and save the marine life. The Miami community embraced the inaugural event with open arms, encouraging surrounding restaurateurs to commit to replacing single use disposable plastic items with ocean-friendly alternatives. Several organizations, notable guests and city officials attended the exemplary event to show their support and solidarity in this eco-friendly movement. The community gathering featured an abundant array of light bites prepared by the Rusty Pelican’s Executive Chef Jim Pastor. Head Mixologist Oscar Amaya crafted special libations for guests thoughtfully prepared in a unique event takeaway—an aluminum chalice aptly paired with an aluminum straw to match.

Annette Felder, Gabriella Smith, and Daniela Felder

Maddie Kaufman, Michelle Castello, Katy Roth, Colleen Coughlin, and Saira Fida

Carmen Casabielle with Miss Florida 2017 Amber Dawn Butler

Suanny Garcia, Josue Alvarez, Amanda Stoltz, and Parker Fink

Sea Turtle Conservation Center team

Aabad Ram Melwani, Colleen Couglin, Saira Fida, Jeremy Waks, Caiti Pomerance, Maddie Kaufman, friend, Pallava Goenka, and friends

Elisa Gasparato and Silvia Stocco

Natasha Schoultz, Jennifer DeWitt, and friends

Jennifer DeWitt, Caiti Pomerance, Anastasia Mikhalochkina, and friend

Ken Russell and Pallava Goenka

Stilo, Josue Gonzalez, Jennifer DeWitt, Natasha Schoultz, and Adrian Biggs