Optimal Hormonal Balance

As time goes by, our body’s hormone production slows down— for both men and women. It can be a slow progression, or it can be a dramatic drop. We tend to think of hormones as “sex hormones,” but we have receptor sites all throughout our body. Hormones affect our brains, heart, bones, muscles— everything!

One of the first things people may notice when their hormones decline is their sleep becomes disrupted. Without a good night’s sleep, it is impossible to have a good day. Many people try herbal sleep medications or even prescription medication that may help you go to sleep but may not help you stay asleep.

Your moods may become more uneven, leaving you feeling a little blue or anxious. Optimizing your hormones may help or alleviate depression and anxiety to the point where many people can wean off their prescription medications. Testosterone and estradiol are “happy hormones” that help you enjoy your life.

Sexual thoughts, function, and satisfaction may decrease. Testosterone is inherently responsible for your libido. Testosterone can start to decline as early as your late twenties for women and early thirties for men. Intimacy in relationships is especially important—it is considered “the glue” for relationships.

Fatigue is the number one reason many people seek out hormone replacement: “I am tired of being tired!” Bringing back the missing hormones can be a great energizer— giving you back the second half of your day. Fatigue can affect your mood, relationship, and work.

As time goes by and hormones decline many people notice an increase in belly fat. Without the hormones of our youth, our body changes how we process our food. It seems as if anything white we eat (sugar, bread, pasta, bagels, etc.) turns into fat around our middle and stays.

So how do you get back to feeling as good as you did a few years ago? Optimizing your hormones may be the answer. Having a complete physical and laboratory testing will indicate if optimizing your hormones is the answer.

By Carolyn Zaumeyer
NP and Founder LowTE Florida