Protect Your Immunity During the Wintertime

Here’s how to stay healthy and boost immunity during the winter: A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is the absolute best base for building foundational wellness and maintaining a strong immune system.

Farmbox Direct is a subscription-based service that delivers the freshest fruit and vegetables directly from organic farms. Customers can choose between three different seasonal box sizes and then receive weekly, customized packages sent to their homes. Farmbox Direct has a focus on organics because they have long been suspected to be more nutrient-dense than their nonorganic counterparts, including your immune boosting staples like vitamin C, D, and Zinc. Additionally, organics have also been proven to have a higher concentration of immune boosting antioxidants than their nonorganic counterparts—something that is essential as we head into the winter months.

In addition to quality, travel time also plays a significant role in the amount of nutrients that are in the food you’re eating. When you purchase produce from the grocery store, not only is it likely conventionally grown, but it has traveled from farm to distributor where it was stocked on shelves until it gets purchased by a grocery store. At that time, the produce travels from distributor to grocery stockroom and from there to the shelf. In fact, according to a study conducted by Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture, the average head of lettuce travels over 2,000 miles before it even makes it to your plate!

Farmbox Direct has direct partnerships with their farms to provide the most nutrient-dense foods while minimizing food travel miles, stock shelf time, and the carbon footprint of the traditional food supply chain— all of which are known to degrade nutrient density. Not having to brave the supermarket is an added bonus during these colder months.

Another great supplement to add to any diet during the winter months are organic juices. Farmbox Direct actually has juicing specific boxes you can choose, including green juicing kits (to get those greens and minerals in) and immunity boosting orange juicing kits (to make sure you get that vitamin C).

By Ashley Tyrner
Creator, Farmbox Direct