Say hello to Summer

Summer is just around the corner and a moment of peace and serenity on a typical day is a distant dream for moms with hectic schedules. They are the first to rise and the last to sleep with no time in between for them to disconnect and dedicate a little “me time” for themselves. When moms feel good, then everyone feels good. From head to toe, make sure you are ready to enjoy every moment this summer.

Say Cheese and Smile

By Dr. Lital Kathein

Summer means weddings, graduations, family reunions, and travel plans. Here are a few tips to get your smile ready for the season. You must start with a professional cleaning. It will give your teeth extra sparkle and is a nice way to freshen up your breath.

Stay on top of your scheduled checkups. Nothing spoils summer fun faster than a toothache. See your dentist if you are noticing increased tooth sensitivity to hot, cold, or sweets. A boost is to whiten your teeth. Schedule an in-office, 1-hour Zoom Whitening treatment at least two weeks before any big event, as your teeth may be sensitive for a few days following treatment.

Consider cosmetic dentistry if you are self-conscious about chipped, crooked, or gapped teeth. Invisalign® or porcelain veneers can completely change the look of your smile. Nothing will complement your summer fun better than a dazzling smile!

Meditation: A Mental Coffee Break

By Andrea Lubell

Stress builds daily for busy moms, but a routine meditation equates to a daily mini-vacation and can be as simple as brushing your teeth.

Don’t wait; give it a try…

Just Breathe

Driving offers a wonderful opportunity to meditate. Focus on the flow of your breath. As you inhale, think, “I am” and as you exhale, think “at peace” and then repeat as often as needed.

Meditation at Mealtime

Place your fork in the non-dominant hand to slow down eating and engage attention. As you take a bite, notice the sensory richness of sight, smell, and touch. It will be a whole new dining experience.

Relax and Gaze at Greenery

Pause and observe the colors and shapes of trees and flowers outside. The trees are in the present and now so are you.

Don’t Stick Your Toes in the Sand

By Dr. Eric Weinstein, DPM

The summer and sandal season are right around the corner. Do you have dry cracked skin on your heels? You simply have to get your feet to the beach. Sand is a fantastic natural exfoliator. If your feet are in need of more, intensive attention, you’ll likely want to look into purchasing a mechanical exfoliating tool or a pumice stone.

Your best bet for super-soft, sandalsportin’ feet is using a thick emollient cream with urea on a daily basis. Applying the cream at night, slipping on a pair of heavy socks and sleeping your way to silky smooth feet.

Let your toenails see the light of day. Remove your polish and examine for discoloration, which may be a result of polish or a fungal infection. Topical, or oral medications or Laser therapy may be in order to remedy. When in doubt see your local Podiatrist.