There is nothing quite like living in a beautiful oceanfront home with pristine beaches overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, where you can watch the ocean view and sandy beach from sunrise to sunset. Creating the ideal interior design includes overlooking and embracing the water— which is the only way to enjoy a waterfront residence in South Florida.

Within this room, you must look out and feel the 360-degree ocean view while also feeling the warmth and comfort of being in a cozy, stylish, yet comfortable seating. This means the chair must have easy access, have ample lighting that transitions from day-to-night, and always include an accent table for books, glassware, and other small items. Also, the sitting area must not obstruct any views, such as an outdoor terrace, media screens, lighting, or other elements such as tables and fixtures. The ocean sitting area should feel like a “room-withina- room.”

Certain colors and textures throughout the design elements of the bedroom also need to be focused on the exterior environment. In this case, that being sandy beaches, luscious green palm trees, and different shades of blue—from the Atlantic Ocean, the room was creatively achieved by designing and integrating a glass mosaic floor made out of Sicis Italian handcrafted glass inset along the sitting view windows with hints of ocean blue, which brings in the illusion of water on the floor as an extension of their ocean view. It not only serves as art, but it also connects the entire room space from afar.

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By: Perla Lichi
CEO of Perla Lichi Design