The Wedding Planner

By Ana Vento

President/Executive Producer, Events by Vento Designs


Q: If the weather turns for the worse, when do you make the decision to bring the event inside?

A: Depending on your location, most venues will work with you and try to wait until the last possible time, a few hours prior, to reset inside. Every vendor will want to do things their own way, however someone must represent the best interest of the bride and groom. You need a strong captain in charge to manage and direct the team. The planner can assure the right decision is made once it’s discussed with the wedding party. It’s already a stressful day and making sure everything stays smooth is important.


Q: How to deal with difficult family members?

A: If you have a family member that is know to create chaos at events, you will need to have someone keep a close eye on them. A planner can assist in mediating family dynamics that may otherwise be stressful on your wedding day. Using the right approach for dealing with family issues will lead to a stress-free wedding.


Q: What if a vendor is late or doesn’t show?

A: Once the wedding day begins, your planner takes charge. Make sure you choose someone that is strong enough to say, “I got this” and actually has the contacts to pull everything together, especially when a replacement is needed. With a wedding planner overseeing the entire wedding, there is no need to worry, everything will be as you envisioned.


Q: Who will handle the details such as favors, place cards, signing book, etc.?

A: Give everything to you planner so you don’t have to worry about anything. A wedding planner will focus on every small detail, where they will be placed, and make sure each item is accounted for at the end of the night.