‘Tis the Season!

Tips For a Stress-Free Holiday Dinner 

With so many things to do and tasks to fulfill around the holidays, it can feel overwhelming. If you’re wondering how on Earth you’re going to find time to cook a great holiday meal, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips from catering companies and hotels on how to enjoy holiday dining while saving time and remaining sane!

Constellation Culinary Group
Constellation Culinary Group, an innovative events and catering company in South Florida, has some useful tips for holiday dining and entertaining this year. As a company that has continued to adapt and shift during these tumultuous times, Constellation’s Regional Executive Chef Aaron Janus provides insight on the best way to celebrate with family and maximize quality time as that will definitely be a priority during this holiday season: The first tip is to plan ahead for any home cooking. If you can, supplement dishes or the whole meal from local restaurants and chefs to ease the burden on the host and simultaneously support local businesses. For those family favorite recipes that must be made during the holidays, prep ahead of time so you’re not running around the day of and can enjoy time with family and friends. The pandemic has forced many great chefs to cook from home and sell their signature items through social media to generate income, so you can find a variety of dishes online from dumplings to pies! Just be sure to place your order ahead of time.

Bill Hansen Luxury Catering
This will be a holiday season like none we’ve ever experienced in the past. Everything is up in the air and many families will be struggling financially, so inexpensive menus may be in order for many. A few tips on how to throw a successful holiday dinner in 2020 from Bill Hansen of Bill Hansen Luxury Catering in Miami: Bring your own dish rather than let the host cover the cost of everything. Theme the menu around a classic time period 100 or even 200 years ago (1920 and 1820) as a way to curate the menu around affordable classic meals. The focus should be more on sharing time and talent during the holiday season.

The Marker Key West Harbor Resort
No one has a better idea of how to throw a holiday party than a hotel! The events team at The Marker Key West Harbor Resort shares a few tips on how to throw an al fresco dinner this holiday season: Consider hosting your family offsite for an outdoor gathering. Consider a garden setting or a private beach even. The open-air setting is ideal, and there’s plenty of room for guests to space out and engage in outdoor activities. Order catering, so your dishes aren’t prepared in multiple kitchens by many hands. On the plus side, no one has to do the dishes!