Up All Night to Get Lucky


Follow the red, neon-lit Chinese cat to 1-800-Lucky, the first Asian food hall of its kind in Wynwood. It opened its doors just last December, receiving a crowd that is hungry for something fresh and new. Surprises start from the very beginning with the entrance being a record store, instead of the food hall. Lucky Records is the first record store in Wynwood, selling both old vinyls and new, appropriately priced. Connected is a small bodega that stays open until the late hours of the night, providing essentials like lighters, candy bars, mints, soda, and more.

The important part comes once visitors are done browsing… food. Lucky proudly offers seven food concepts: Les Banh Amis, Lotus + Cleaver, Hayato Miami, Myumi, Yip, Taiyaki, and Poke OG. Six of the eateries are from places like New York and California, serving various delectable dishes such as poke bowls, Chinese barbecue, charcoal Vietnamese, wok dishes, and traditional ramen.

New York’s Taiyaki is the only dessert haven out of the seven and is separated from the rest, located outside on the open terrace near the two bars. It’s famous for Japanese fish-shaped ice cream cones, so a line is to be expected. For those who wish to skip the line, there’s another cold delicacy to help cool down: frozen beer. 1-800-Lucky is the second place that owns a frozen beer machine in all of Florida, the first being Japan in Disney’s Epcot. With all of these unique components, Lucky resembles a place that has something for every type of person. The record collector, the food connoisseur, the lover-of-Instagrammable-desserts, the nightlife enthusiast… All are welcome!