Dreaming of Greece

Stop;  drop, and go! Adventure is beckoning you. Beautiful beaches,stimulating stories, and mind-blowing sceneries are up ahead… Opa!

We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us. Breathe in the deep, fresh mountain air. Allow your mind to mender around ancient rocky cliffs, and delightfully dive into warm, turquoise waters. Soak in the sensational scenery and experience the Mediterranean’s finest on this great Greece getaway! It’s large, it’s neat, and it will certainly sweep you off your feet. It’s Athens, Greece!

Start your amazing adventure by visiting the prodigious Acropolis, or High City, home of the Temple of Athena Nike and the Parthenon along with numerous other marvelous architectural ruins on a wonderful walking tour. However, if you like to keep to smaller groups, a private tour and tons of fabulous food tastings are also available. Soar through the extensive city’s most mythological sceneries. Refresh your senses as you see the amazing sites, like the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Theatre of Dionysus, and Mount Lycabettus. The famed marketplace of Agora is also a must!

After an eventful walk, it’s time to regain your strength. Splurge on some flavorful foods at one of the most sensational restaurants, Dinner in the Sky. Taste the restaurant’s famous Beef Roulade with vine leaves as you experience the most exciting meal from up to 164-feet above Athens. dinnerinthesky.gr After enjoying the tasty Greek foods, it’s time to visit the Floating Naval Museum Battleship Averof. Interestingly, this Greek naval ship was built in Italy during the beginning of the Dreaming of Greece twentieth century and served in the First Balkan War, while patrolling the Indian Ocean as a flagship of the Greek fleet.

Once your interest in Greek history is met, rest up at the InterContinental Athenaeum Hotel. When you walk into the shimmering, elegant environment you will certainly want to imbibe the collection of wines in the hotel bar before you retire to your silk-sheet bed and let your remarkable remembrances of the day enhance your dreams. ihg.com

Waking up to the wonderfully warm Athens breeze may entice you to stay longer, but there is much more in store! Catch a boat ride to your next destination—Mycenae, Greece. Stimulate your intellect by learning all the different stories that took place in the very spot you are standing. As the magic of this ancient city seeps into your mind, imagine a story of your own, and put yourself in the shoes of the courageous characters of that era. Imagine your own version of what would happen if you were put in the situation. If you would like to enhance your imagination all the more, or even if you’re having a slightly rough time with your creativity, head over to the Archeological Museum of Ancient Mycenae.

Seeing all the antiques of this museum will certainly help with your inspiration. While you are in the moment of reliving these monumental pre-historic junctures, head over to the Tomb of Agamemnon and Palace, or the famous Lion gate. Now that you got the history and culture down, it’s time to get the appetite down. Jaunt over to the fanciful Kolizeras Restaurant. After relishing the delicious dinner, catch a ferry ride. While the gorgeous Greek sun slowly sets, and you feel the slight spray of cool airy-water softly touch your face, calmly close your eyes and inhale the peaceful breeze, so you can always go back to this exact moment and remember that serene places like this really do exist. kolizeras.com

It’s been a long, lively day so it’s time to hit the hay. No worries, I don’t mean hay literally. Book your stay at the Amalia Hotel, Nafpolio. I’m sure right about this time your mind is rambunctiously roaming around from all the thought-provoking stories. If so, delight yourself to a refreshing swim, then replenish on some satisfying sleep. amaliahotelnafplio.gr

As you comfortably roll over and awaken to the sensational Greek scenery, you will smell herbs and exotic flowers filling the warm, soft air. It isn’t long before you begin to notice the rumbling in your stomach. Hunger is beckoning you. Enjoy a brunch and a show at the Agamemnon Palace. Once your stomach is replete, catch an energizing boat ride to stunning Santorini! This beautiful boutique city carved into the cliffs of Greece will surely arouse your audacious side. Fortunately for those who desperately seek adventure, your needs will be met during your visit in this thrilling city!

Immediately when you arrive, check in and cool off in the infamous infinity pool at the Katikies Hotel. katikies.com Now, we’re all settled in and ready for more fun. Spur the mind to an intellectual activity and rent a quad bike to ride to the Archaeological Museum of Prehistoric Thera. Improve your knowledge of Greek history as you learn about collections of golden statuettes, sculptures, and archaic Roman inscriptions. Since we’ve successfully studied the history of this spectacular city, it’s time for more excitement! Take a sea kayaking tour and be sure to make it playful. Tip your family or friends’ boats over at least once! Luckily for you, the distraction of feeling the beautiful, smooth blue sea will clear you from their wrath. However, don’t be surprised when they get you back. Make it a contest—Who comes out the driest? Paddle back to shore and wash-up, it’s time for a glamorous dinner.

Men slick your hair back and spray on you best cologne; ladies add the stilettos and lipstick. Dress up; we are now heading to the exotic Oia restaurant. All full? You can either quench your thirst on a wine tasting tour or grab your beach towels and watch the glistening sunset. After absorbing the last ounce of sun, it’s time for a good night’s rest. oia-1800.com

Rise and shine, we have to catch a quick boat ride to our fourth fantastic destination. Leaving Santorini will be extremely hard, but I promise this next stop will rid us of any extreme Santorini withdrawals. Welcome to the city of Meteora!

When you arrive, the lively location will kindle an adrenaline rush. Don’t hold back; give into your courageous side, and have the time of your life! speed over to the Meteora rafting tour. As you raft across the Meteora River, I don’t advise tipping over your fellow rafters. Although the river is incredibly cool, falling against rocks wouldn’t be any fun. It sounds sort of dangerous, but it’s that slight risk of uncertainty that spurs our excitement and makes it extremely exhilarating. However, if you aren’t an extreme adrenaline junkie and prefer a more calming source of fun, an exquisite hiking tour to Kalamba or scaling the rocks of Meteora will certainly do. adrenaline-hunter.com

Starting to hear your stomach growl? Stop by the Meteora Gertsou Family restaurant. After enjoying the Mediterranean meal, turn in early at the Andronis Boutique Hotel because tomorrow is going to be the last hurrah of your great Greece getaway! andronisboutiquehotel.com

Jump out of bed. Grab your itinerary and fly to the next destination. Once you arrive in Crete, stop; catch your breath and gaze at all the glamour, excitement, and culture of this city. Stroll through the thrilling streets on your way to visit the famous Palace of Knossos, and of course take a tour! On your mark; get set; go! Race through the mountains of Maroulas on an extraordinary off-road buggy! Adventure through the Lasithi Plateau trails and Dikti Mountains. Sightsee the charming village of Kera, and visit the historic Keras Kardiotissas Monastery.

Once you cross the finish line of the buggy race, crown a winner! Take the champion on an intriguing secret island boat tour located in the South coast. Upon arrival, the secret island is revealed. Unwind, relax and drink in the dazzling beach beauty of Koufonisia Island. Swim in the enchanting sea. Leisurely float back in the tranquil waters. Softly shut your eyes. Think about your favorite memory of this vacation and let the positive vibes of that meaningful moment consume you.

Time to settle the stomach! The Poseidon Gourmet is the perfect place to attend your last Greek dinner. After the delicious meal, make your way over to the Out Of The Blue Capsis Elite Resort for a rejuvenating rest. capsis.com

Leaving Greece may be one of the hardest things ever! But, remember to focus on all of the heart-warming memories of this terrific trip and keep that smile on. Luckily, there’s an unlimited amount of memories to play back for the journey home. However, when you find yourself running a little too low on sweet remembrances, you’re certainly due another trip back to Greece!

By Madelyn Werder