Road Trip FLA

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.”
– Martin Burber

Sand and sun, summer has begun. Exhilarating road trips, and monumental memories are up ahead. Follow this route to the top four of Florida’s finest spots for the vacation of a lifetime!

Get ready. Get set. Go! Have the summer of your dreams at some of Florida’s most adventurous stops. Live out your liveliest ideas, and dive into your daring side as we guide you through the best road trip worthy locations in Florida!

Splish, splash those troubles away and head over to Captiva and Sanibel Islands, only a two-hour drive from Fort Lauderdale! Swimming is exciting, but paddling your way around the sea is even more thrilling. As you enjoy the ocean air, be sure to look down at all the fascinating fish. When tiredness kicks in its time to finally relax.  Soak up the last ounce of sun, and get a nice tan. Reminisce, unwind and take in the phenomenal view of the beautiful beach abundance. Now, let’s not forget about dinnertime. Stroll over to Sanibel and Captiva’s most legendary restaurant, The Bubble Room. Order the restaurant’s finest foods, like the Socra cheese dish or the Bubble bread. Don’t fill up on the delicious feast, you must save some room for the incredible, mouth-watering, oversized desserts! After the delectable meal make your way over to one of the Islands favorite hotels, the West Wind Inn. Make sure to get a good nights rest for another eventful day tomorrow!

Refueled enough on sleep?  If so, Get in your car for the four-hour drive, and grab your goggles, then make your way over to the Rock Springs Kelly Park. Once you arrive, you must challenge yourself to hike up one of the lush tropical trails. Looking for more of a calm, peaceful kind of day? View greenery, as you float freely and lackadaisically around the looping, lazy river. Also try to make room in your day for at least one attempt of canoeing and kayaking around the free-flowing natural spring. Finally starting to hear your stomach growl? That’s when you know it is time to run over to The Back Room Steakhouse. This fabulous restaurant specializes in Black Angus beef complimented with a side of pasta. Quench your thirst with the restaurants coolest cocktails and premium liquors. Spend the rest of your night camping at the famous Kelly Springs campgrounds. Watch the stars as you fall asleep and dream about an even better experience for tomorrow!

Rise and shine. It’s time to jump in the car again for your next adventure!  When you finally complete the hour-long drive, you will have arrived at your next destination, Silver Springs. Race to the spring, and jump on in! Silvers Springs is similar to the Rock Springs except there’s way more variety. So anything you didn’t do at Kelly Park, lucky for you it can be done at Silver Springs! The park has been around since the 1800’s so you will get to experience the history of old Hollywood movies at the magnificent museum located in the park. When you decide you are satisfied with what you learned, you can take your family and friends to the zoo, or a fun glass bottom boat tour. There’s so much to do at this huge park! Silver Springs is also famous for the monkeys! As you paddle your way around the fresh springs do not be alarmed if a few monkey friends decide to join you. By now I’m sure you have struck up quite the appetite. It’s time for dinner and who does it better than the Italians? Fiore’s Café is the place to be for a delightful dinner with your family and friends. After the fabulous food take a detour to Ocala Center 6 movie theatre, to put a wrap on a most memorable day. Have a good nights rest at the Silver Springs –Double Tree Hilton and brace yourself for another incredible day tomorrow.

Are you ready for your last adventure on the list? Rush over to Devils Den ,this 45-minute drive is the perfect destination to conclude your terrific trip! Excite yourself with a day filled with snorkeling and scuba diving at one of Florida’s most fascinating places for just that! When you very first get there explore your way through the mysterious hole, that releases into a large source of water to snorkel and scuba dive in. As you swim around, fascinating fish will swim and swarm around you. Interestingly, many different ancient artifacts have been found in this mysterious hole.  Delight your family and friends with a fun contest, and see who finds the most treasure. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky! This compelling location also has a campground and heated swimming pool as well.

Now, it’s time for some live entertainment! Take your family to Grande Liberte’s Farm! This fantastic farm holds incredible horse shows that will certainly keep you at the edge of your seats.  “Bon Appétit!” As the French like to say. Enjoy your dinner at Leonardo’s pizzeria. Pig out on all the appetizing pies and delicious desserts! We can’t end the night just yet. Buy tickets to Auto Place Raceway and catch a remarkable show, or if you’re feeling more like relaxing, you should head over to one of Williston’s beautiful lakes where you can just sit and unwind. Let all the precious memories you made sink in as the cool, whirling night winds softly brush up against your face.  Take in the gorgeous view, and play back your favorite moments from this thrilling road trip. It’s getting late so you might want to make your way over to Williston’s Hampton Inn and Suites and have a good nights rest.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end; it is now time to resort back to reality. But lucky for us we get to take all of our heart-warming memories back with us. We will always look back on this summer as not only the summer of a lifetime, but also a sort of safe-haven for good memories. It’s comforting to know that we can always go back and re-live it all again.

Road Trip FLA

By Madelyn Werder