So Close Yet So Far Away Experience a Piece of Paradise

Disconnect and indulge in a blissful affair with island isolation at this magnificent Florida Keys resort; where champagne is poured by mid-morning, the sea sparkles in the late-afternoon sun and the only decision of the day is whether to wake up for an early morning snorkel, lounge lazily or enjoy a leisurely frolic in the Atlantic Ocean. Situated on a 5.5-acre private island in the fabled Florida Keys, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is a discreet enclave that is a favored escape for luxury travel enthusiasts, CEOs and Hollywood’s elite. Its ambiance is intentionally romantic, with surreal vistas during the day and after a breathtaking sunset, dramatic night-scapes dotted with twinkling stars and miles of shimmering water shattering the moon’s reflection into a thousand pieces.

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Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, a piece of paradise so remote it is only accessible by sea-plane or by stepping aboard “The Truman,” on this classic wooden motorboat, is to embark on a journey that is a removal of oneself from the everyday. Little Palm Island is known as the best-kept secret for US presidents and celebrities with no phones, no TVs and no shortage of fun and romance. Renowned for its South Pacific meets Swiss Family Robinson appearance, romance abounds in one of the 15 thatched-roof air-conditioned bungalows featuring 30 suites, with custom-made beds draped under plush netting as well as private sundecks, delightful outdoor showers and majestic ocean views.

White paths of crushed seashells meander through acres of tropical flowers, palm trees and secluded sandy beaches offering swift, sweet plunges into the tranquil surf. Secluded pathways lead to romantic alcoves, where hammocks sway softly, or twin chaise lounges are thoughtfully placed on the docks edge. Here, the only interruption to be heard is the lull of gentle waves.SAMMY ELEGANCE SUITE

Little Munson Island, the original name of Little Palm, derived its name from its first inhabitant, Newton Munson. He planted more than 250 Jamaican coconut palms that still provide shade to the island. Following his death, the island was sold to Florida Senator John Spottswod in the early 1060’s. Munson also brought out enough cement, by way of rowboat, to build “The Storm House,” — a shelter with two-foot thick poured concrete walls. The same structure now houses Little Palm Island Resort & Spa’s signature welcome drink, the Gumby Slumber, offered to all guests at the Welcome Station. This delectable drink is made from Captain Morgan’s Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Captain Morgan’s

Spiced Rum, pineapple, orange and cranberry juice. As a special island treat, the drinks are topped with “a shot” of shredded coconut marinated in 151-proof rum. WOW! Little Pl Island, the resort, opened in 1988.Spa Soaking Tub  II

Sophisticated palates indulge in epicurean delights from Executive Chef Roly Cruz-Taura, applying his own style of vibrant cuisine pairing Pan-Latin ingredients with French techniques, it’s hard to decide whether the sensational blend of flavors or breathtaking setting is most unforgettable. Recognized as the Best Hotel Dining in Florida and Number Three in the US by Zagat. The Zagat rated “The Dining Room” is “extraordinary to perfection” in every category — food, decor and service. The Dining Room at Little Palm Island affords guests gorgeous vantage points of the calm, cerulean blue ocean whether they choose to dine in the elegant, candle-lit dining room, on a terrace perched above the beach, or at tables strewn along the water’s edge. Serving eclectic, enticing and seasonally fresh fare, termed Modern Tropical Cuisine, The Dining Room’s ever-changing menu is based on available produce and includes amazing dishes such as Yellow Tail Snapper Ceviche with Passion Fruit and Coconut Gelee or Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Corn, Black Bean, Sweet Plantain and Bacon Hash, served with Mango Mojo. An array of decadent desserts are prepared daily, however, Chef’s special Key Lime pie remains the guests favorite. SpaTerre at Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is designed to incorporate the style and traditions of east and west cultures while promoting health, peace and relaxation through cross-cultural spa experiences. Make sure to experience the Javanese Royal Treatment where you will loose yourself in a lavish ritual direct from the ancient palaces of Java. This traditional ritual begins with a luxurious Balinese massage using Jasmine scented flower oil.Overall Property

By: Marla Horn Lazarus