Shaved Brussels Salad

During this spring season, try one of Pura Vida’s salads if you can’t make it to one of their locations. Good food is simple, so use fresh, high quality ingredients to create this simple, yet scrumptious, Shaved Brussels Salad.
Prep Time: 10 minutes

• 2 cups chopped Brussel sprouts
• 1 cup mixed greens
• 1/2 cup green apple
• 1 oz. pecans
• 4 oz. apple cider vinegar dressing
• 1 oz. sprouts
• 6 oz. *Select your choice of protein: oven roasted salmon, smoked salmon slices, tuna salad, seared ahi wild tuna, egg salad, free range chicken breast, vegan Adashah, or pasture raised hard boiled eggs.

Grab a medium or large bowl. Start by chopping up the Brussel sprouts into leafy pieces and add in your favorite mixed greens and mix into the perfect blend and add it into the bowl. Next, grab your green apple and slice it thinly, then add into the mixture with your pecans. Toss all ingredients as you add your apple cider vinegar dressing, and top off with a sprinkle of sprouts. Add in your protein of choice. Enjoy!