Bagatelle Miami

If you are in the mood for a unique atmosphere and delicious food, look no further! Bagatelle Miami offers French Mediterranean cuisine and an atmosphere with changing colorful neon lights on the ceiling, and plenty of modern art work throughout. The cuisine also meets the sultry South Beach culture that surrounds the restaurant. It’s the perfect place for a dinner party with friends. I also learned that on the weekends during brunch, they bring a DJ, and the entire place turns into a daytime club. The employees even assist in setting the mood by dancing everywhere, including on chairs!

After my guest and I were seated at our table, we decided on a couple of glasses of wine while we looked over their menu. The first item that caught our eye was one of Bagatelle’s warm appetizers: Gnocchi Trufflés à la Parisienne, a filling concoction of homemade Parisian gnocchi with black truffle sauce, and aged Parmesan. Then, we opted for the Mahi Mahi from the Les Poissons (fish) section of their menu. Executive Chef David Allan Russell Jr. made this delectable dish to perfection! The presentation was amazing, with the grilled Mahi Mahi centered on an ellipse-shaped dish, accompanied by roasted cauliflower, trumpet royale, grapes, pine nuts, and brown butter. Très magnifique!

After a satiating dinner, it was time for dessert and my taste buds couldn’t wait to taste their Macaron aux Framboises. This is not your typical small French macaron, this one was triple the size! I was ready to dig in and once I did, I was in heaven with this delightful delicacy of a dessert. The pink-colored and almond-flavored macaron had sandwiched rose crème in the middle, with fresh raspberries on the outer edges. For garnishes, confectioners’ sugar and a spiral sliver of milk chocolate completed this perfect dish! A must-try!

220 21st St., Miami Beach

By Vanessa C. Guzman


Vanessa is an outgoing person who is always trying to keep the peace and the positivity flowing. She loves the beach, going out with her friends, and being a great THINKer as Editorial Director.