Barton G, The Restaurant

Miami Beach


Revolutionize Neo-Classic American Cuisine while we combine fine dining with fun dining at Barton G. The Restaurant. Feast with your eyes as they showcase an elaborate multi-sensory culinary theater with its own twist. We made each meal an experience while fulfilling our senses with enticing fragrances and extraordinary food with over the top presentations.


Executive Chef Joshua Wahler, a former contestant on “Hell’s Kitchen” states, “Barton, himself, pushes us to be creative every day; to use imagination, technique, and practice to pushes our boundaries. We are constantly using new and imaginative vehicles and presentations to craft an unparalleled dining experience for our diners. We want to give them a spectacular and interactive dining experience like no other that appeals to all the senses.”


If you love truffles, like me, in any shape or form, then The Devil’s Egg is the perfect appetizer. Just imagine…fire engine red eggs filled with a light as air, luscious white truffle whipped deviled egg filling. Topped with a wonderful spicy togarashi bacon crumble, fragrant crisp garlic, decadent sliced fresh black truffles and garden herbs for an irresistible bite.


While on our gourmet journey, we devoured and thoroughly enjoyed the sensational B.G. Platinum Ranch Tomahawk. Cooked to perfection, the tender 32oz. Kerwee Silver Grade Australian Wagyu Ribeye melted in our mouths. Imagine, combining it with a succulent lime broiled 8oz. warm water lobster tail, gulf shrimp, charcoal yucca logs, charred tomato and salsa ranchera, for the ultimate surf and turf.


Liquid Nitrogen is the key element in creating high-octane cocktails, served with frozen alcoholic popsicles. The sparkling Diamonds are Forever blends citrus vodka, lemonade while the Blood In The Sky blends Hendricks gin, blackberry puree, lemon juice, and sugar cane nectar shaken with egg whites. Their Signature Martini, Buddhalicious combines pear infused vodka, lychee and cranberry juice.