Boulud Sud

You don’t have to walk that far down Biscayne Boulevard to discover the gem that is Boulud Sud. Located in the JW Marriot Marquis, a short distance from the American Airlines Arena and Bayside Marketplace, this restaurant brings The Mediterranean to the MIA. With an emphasis on regional flavors, a dedication to fresh ingredients, and a devotion to creative dishes, this eatery certainly knows how to liven up the culinary scene.


Luckily for my guest and I, we were able to dine during Miami Spice, meaning that we could get the most out of the experience at the delightful Boulud Sud. Scanning over the Miami Spice menu, I decided to start with a healthy appetizer: The Lebanese Kale “Fattoush.” This salad arrived in a wonderful presentation of layers, with the lettuce placed on top of the Harissa hummus and pomegranates, and two fried pita chips placed on top of the lettuce, garnished with juicy, red cherry tomatoes, toasted pistachios, and cucumbers. I couldn’t wait to get to the hummus, so I tackled that first, scooping a generous amount onto the crunchy pita chips. After I finished the rest of the nourishing salad, I ordered my main entrée. Three meaty grilled prawns alongside a serving of Ratatouille made its way to my table. A seafood lover, I enjoyed them to the fullest, savoring the impeccably grilled prawns that were tossed in cilantro and Citrus Gremolata, amounting to a buttery, perfectly salty taste that is hard to master. I had never tried Ratatouille before my dine at Boulud Sud, but because of how masterfully it was done, it was quite the surprising treat! The popular French dish was saucy and seasoned just right, with its mixings of tomatoes, onions, zucchini, eggplant, and more.


Eager for dessert, I didn’t hesitate to order the most irresistible sounding pick on the menu: The Milk Chocolate Bavarois. It was definitely picture worthy upon arrival, prompting me to snap a photo of the beautiful layout. A light layer of milk chocolate was smeared on the plate in a semi-circle as the foundation, and on top were smooth and soft chocolate rectangles, fresh, sweet strawberries, an equally refreshing strawberry sorbet, and brown sugar tuille (a thin baked French wafer). The final addition that tied it all together was the raspberry foam that lied on and around the dessert masterpiece, which provided a light, sugary pause; much needed before diving into the bold chocolate once more! Boulud Sud is a restaurant that will have you coming back for more with its Mediterranean charm, inventive plates, and soothing atmosphere.


By Aaliyah Pasols