Cipresso is a new, upscale restaurant centrally located inside the Guitar Hotel and directly adjacent to the resort’s Oculus for a vibrant energy. Their menu offers a twist on Italian-American fare inspired by old-world classics to new favorites. Cipresso also offers a variety of seating options from a 16-seat bar to more comfortable family-style dining. My guest and I were seated in a half-moon booth. The atmosphere was great with dim lighting and a friendly and knowledgeable waitress. She thoroughly explained the cocktails as she went down the list. We decided to try Rosmarino, which is crafted with gin, house rosemary syrup, and crème de violette. Cheers!

As an appetizer, we opted for Nonna’s Meatballs. These meatballs are made with four types of meat: veal, beef, pork, and prosciutto. Nonna’s Meatballs are quite flavorful and were cooked to perfection. For our main course, my guest and I decided to order their Lasagna Verde. All of Cipresso’s pastas are made in-house. The Lasagna Verde was brought to our table and I couldn’t wait to dig in! This carefully-made layered pasta was made with Pomodoro sauce, spinach, pancetta, veal, pork, beef, house-made lasagna sheets, and beshamel. It was an incredible experience.

After my guest and I were given a moment to converse and digest our meal, our waitress showed us their dessert menu. After a quick glance, we ordered their Tiramisu. This was no ordinary tiramisu—this was so much more; it still allows you to get your caffeine fix as it’s dipped in coffee and made with ladyfingers and mascarpone cheese, but it isn’t layered in the traditional way. Cipresso’s twist on this sweet dish is that it’s made in a cake style. This decadent dessert comes in a wide rimmed bowl, and is garnished with cocoa powder, chocolate shavings, and cream-filled raspberries. Mmm-mm delicious!

1 Seminole Way, Hollywood

By Vanessa C. Guzman


Vanessa is an outgoing person who is always trying to keep the peace and the positivity flowing. She loves the beach, going out with her friends, and being a great THINKer as Editorial Director.