Coco Bambu


Coco Bambu just opened their 29th location, first in the US, to become Miami Beach’s largest seafood concept destination. The essence of Brazil is showcased in everything from the decor, to the succulent dishes and refreshing cocktails. Don’t wait any longer to enjoy the calming vibes of their tropical lifestyle and share the ocean fresh fare with your favorite dinner companions at this new, eclectic, multi-level eatery in the heart of SoBe.


If you’re craving the flavors of the sea, this is your place. Family-style plates filled with the freshest fish, seafood and meats will impress your palate with incredible combinations of textures and flavors. Sit back and sip on one of the 150 international wines perfectly paired with your meal—for the more daring, I recommend intricate cocktails like the unexpected Acerola Martini, which filled my mouth with the nostalgic tanginess of this rare tropical cherry from my childhood. In all, the delicious food, friendly staff and relaxing ambiance linger on my mind luring me back for more.


Overflowing with one of my favorite flavors, the Baked Cocada is a crispy crusted slice of coconut heaven! This divine cake is made with coconut shavings and condensed milk and is served hot with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. It is a necessary ending to the incredible feast served at Coco Bambu!

955 Alton Rd., Miami Beach

By KB Roman