DUNE is one of the newest restaurants to add its flavors to an expanding dining scene in Fort Lauderdale, and it already stands out from the rest. Nestled inside the Auberge Beach Resort, which is suitably right on the water, both outside and inside seating is available. Sit outside and you’ll be in great company as the ocean breeze and views will comfort you throughout your meal. Sit inside and you’ll be treated to live music, a Mid-century chic design, and a stunning glass-enclosed wine cellar with over 600 bottles on display. My guest and I sat inside, and after taking our seats, we decided to place our drink orders. The restaurant’s wine program pays homage to Auberge Resort’s Napa Valley roots with plenty of bottles to choose from; whether you desire white, red, sparkling, or rosé. I opted for a glass of Moët & Chandon champagne, and sipped it slowly as the bubbles continued to rise, and my hunger began to grow!


After enjoying some appetizing calamari, we agreed to take the waitress’ suggestion and try the “Special of the Day,” which was a Mixed Grill dish. To our surprise, a steaming hot mini Konro Ceramic Grille arrived to our table not too long after. Charcoal from the kitchen’s unique Josper oven fueled the heat as smoke rose from the grille. The scrumptious looking meats sat sizzling on the burners: An African lobster tail, lamb chops, Korean short ribs, and scallops. My guest decided to let his short ribs and lamb chops cook a bit longer, but I, on the other hand, did not have the same patience! A generous serving of liquid butter was provided, and I didn’t hesitate to dip in my lobster tail as I kept going back for more. The tail was tender, juicy, and full of a buttery, grilled flavor that was in a word: perfection. Next, I squeezed charred lemon onto the golden brown scallops, and broke through the crispy top to savor the delicate, flavorful inside. By the end, I wished I had more, but it was already gone!


Dessert is undoubtedly my favorite, and I couldn’t wait to have a bite of something sweet. The Chocolate Chip Cookie with butter pecan ice cream appeared with a mouthwatering aroma. I broke apart the warm, pillow soft, chocolatey cookies and scooped up a spoon of the egg-shaped ice cream. The ice cream was smooth and truly embodied the nutty, buttery flavor; it was a faultless match to the irresistible classic cookie. After my meal concluded, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that DUNE will certainly set the standards for the FTL dining scene!


By Aaliyah Pasols