Brickell’s elcielo is an unimaginable gastronomical journey through Colombia’s most unique and flavorful essences. Upon arrival, you are presented with ice-cold aguardiente shots and pureed citruses to cleanse and prepare your palate for “The Experience.” This tasting of thirteen of Chef Juan Manuel “Juanma” Barrientos’ signature dishes begins with a chocolate “hand wash.” Yes! Warm chocolate is poured onto your hands as they advise you to let go of the inhibitions of adulthood and return to the happier childhood experiences of licking delicious food off of your fingertips. Now you are ready…


To truly submerge you into the authentic Colombian voyage, they transform your table into the cool mountainous terrain where campesinos enjoy their first “tinto” during the misty morning hours. Fresh-ground coffee drips down an hourglass shaped vessel as liquid nitrogen is activated to fill your table with a cold fog. This heightens the illusion of sipping your unaltered brew at the foot of the mountain. A surreal out-of-Miami experience that should not be missed!


Inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s novel One Hundred Years of Solitude, Chef Juanma created this unbelievable pork belly dish with taro purée and yellow corn butterflies that have come to represent the author and the overwhelming feeling of love he describes. Small bites, including a velvety cream of carrot soup served around a stack of plantain mash and guava paste rounds, among other creations, preceded the before mentioned “love affair.” Soon after, dessert was brought over. First, an artfully presented chocolate mousse with chocolate crumbles, vanilla ice cream, gouache and white chocolate lime crema; then, coconut 5 ways: as cake, mousse, ice cream, toasted, and foam, all layered in a glass globe— Divine!

31 SouthEast 5th Street, Miami

By KB Roman