Follow the aroma of grilled seafood and vegetables up the stairs to ETARU’s rooftop terrace for an immersive dining experience. The central Robata grill cooks up scents and flavors, while the outdoor DJ fires up beats and mood-setting music. A breathtaking view of the ocean accompanies delectable dishes—what more could you desire?


Crispy Tiger Prawns with Yuzu Shichimi sauce were brought to my table as an appetizer, a wonderful start! Crunchy and crispy, they had a taste that reminded me of funnel cakes at carnivals. It complemented the warm shrimp meat in a gratifying way, easily making it one of my favorites of the night. Next, the Black Kampachi Sashimi arrived, enriched by yuzu truffle dressing, mizuna and pickled vegetables that included sweet potato strands. It was a lovely balance of sweet and sour, that offered a citrusy zing as an additional taste bud pleaser. After the sashimi, I was eager to get a taste of the Robata seafood… the scent of the grill was basically calling my name! My wish was granted as the Black Cod arrived wrapped in a dark brown oversized leaf. I dug in to the thick-cut, exquisitely grilled fish, and it was so fresh and delicate that it separated easily with just a touch of my chopsticks! Marinated in a yuzu miso sauce that was similar in taste to honey, it was the finishing touch that made this entrée a soft, savory delight.


Being a fruit lover has its perks at ETARU: for dessert, I was excited to taste their collection of ripe fruits. Strawberries, pineapple, and other fruits were spread out amongst more exotic ones like the very pretty dragon fruit and the strange-looking-but-great-tasting rambutans. Additionally, a piece of chocolate cake that released a nectarous and unique green filling was paired with various flavors of sorbet and ice cream. Everything at ETARU is quality, and it shows in their fresh seafood, their impeccable sauces, and their attention to detail through their presentations, which often makes their food look like art! Come with an appetite, your phone (to snap pictures of course), and high expectations that will undoubtedly be surpassed; get a seat closest to the ocean, and prepare to be swept away!

111 S. Surf Rd., Hallandale Beach

By Aaliyah Pasols