Good Spirits Fifth & Fed


Good Spirits is an appropriate name for the trendy restaurant located in the heart of Fort Lauderdale; after examining the fireplace, the impressive sushi bar, and the elevated wine cellar, I knew I was in good company, and my “good spirit” ensued! The music was fun, upbeat, and an overall mood-setter for the restaurant that puts a modern twist on traditional dining. Old School Hospitality, led by Frank Zaffere and Kimberly Zaffere, opened this restaurant just last year, and it’s safe to say it has become a success.


Executive Chef Sushi Mike has crafted a whole menu of “Specialty Rolls” for Good Spirits that include palatable treats like “Paradise,” “Spider,” “Mike’s Lobster Monster,” and much more. The sushi roll that delighted my taste buds was the very filling “Firecracker”. Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, and avocado were all packed tight inside, but the explosion of flavor didn’t end there. Sitting atop the roll were tuna, masago, scallions, and tempura flakes, uniquely finished with spicy mayo and eel sauce that truly brought it all together.


My first plate arrived in the form of the appetizing Rockefeller Oysters. Baby spinach, Pernod, celery, shallots, herb butter, bread crumbs, and manchego all sat atop the oyster meat, making for an intriguing, entertaining variety of flavors. I usually find myself disappointed with oysters, as they seldom taste anything but oceany, but the Rockefeller Oysters were a mix of buttery goodness, and cheesy crunchiness. I may or may not have had a third off of my boyfriend’s plate… Next, the “Seaside Salmon;” the seared fish lay atop a crispy goat cheese potato and sea beans, with hibiscus butter as the final ingredient. The sea beans were the perfect addition of saltiness that was needed to play off of the smooth tenderness of the salmon, and when everything was paired together on one fork, it was a clash of essences that was surely welcome. Executive Chef Joseph Parsons helped construct the menu with daring arrangements and intricate presentations in mind, and it indisputably shows in every dish, from the oysters and salmon in the sea, to the creatures up on land, too!


By Aaliyah Pasols