Miami chef Jose Mendin and Spanish star-chef Angel Palacios came together to create the organic, delicate inspirations for Habitat. They recruited masterful Michelin-star techniques to craft a menu that is as impressive as it is stimulating. The menu follows a theme of nature with its categories resembling the elements: Land, Sea, Air, and Fire. Daily seafood pulled fresh from the sea, vegetables taken from the garden, and quality meats that are grass-fed are all transformed into beautifully assorted dishes.


Don’t let the raw aspect of sashimi sway you from trying this succulent dish. The Cobia Sashimi is served with minimal additional ingredients, giving it the opportunity to unleash its full flavor. Is it powerful? Yes. Salty? Yes. Maybe even a bit sweet, but the reason why you should try this dish is because it’s simply addicting. Prepared masterfully with brown butter soy, samphire, lime, and “sea water,” it delivers its punch while also introducing enticing outside elements, complementing the primary flavor even more. One plate might not be enough, and if that’s the case, don’t hesitate to order another!


Desserts at Habitat are an irresistible form of temptation; even the strong-willed will have to take at least one guilty bite. The first dessert brought to my table was the Barba-Papa, a plate that at first looks like cotton candy sitting atop pineapple. The waiter pours a light pineapple sauce onto the cotton-candy-like texture, melting it onto the pineapple, coconut and ginger hiding below; turning it into a soft, nectarous island combination. The second dessert, Ningyo Yaki, was described to me as a “liquid apple pie.” Pillow soft bites of dough were placed in front of me with an outside coat tasting of cinnamon and sugar. After one bite, it exploded with a heavenly flavor of apple pie. Both desserts are must-haves when visiting Habitat. It’ll cap off your night in a truly sweet way.

2395 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach

By Aaliyah Pasols