Kaori by Walter Martino… A Luxurious Journey of the Senses

By: Marla Horn Lazarus

“A Revolutionary Dining Experience Designed to Stimulate the Senses.”

Dining in Miami will never be the same after a culinary adventure at Kaori. Italian Celebrity Chef Walter Martino unveiled his divine journey of the senses that are unlike any other dining experience. As we relaxed in beautiful pastel chairs, we were surrounded by a cutting-edge, 360-degree ever-changing cinematography technology with art and ambient music along with intoxicating scents. Italian and Japanese influences combine to execute the pioneering and stunning dishes crafted with only the best ingredients by Chef Walter Marino also known as the “Million Dollar Chef.”

Kaori, which translates to ‘inner beauty’ in Japanese, is Chef Walter Martino’s first project of this kind, “I chose Miami to be the home of my very first restaurant because I feel this worldly audience will appreciate my culinary vision,” said Chef Martino. He believes the city’s culture is a perfect reflection of his luxurious cuisine fusing global flavors into the electrifying experience of Kaori. Dishes are influenced by the Chef’s Italian heritage and passion for the Japanese cuisine. Beautiful plates are meant to be shared while they showcase not only pronounced presentations, but also custom-designed plates where the dishes are finished tableside.

Prior to opening Kaori, Chef Martino served as a private chef in Ibiza where he served a variety of high-end cliental including, the Prince of Dubai. His talent is not limited to cooking; he has also designed the most expensive plate in the world that was a masterpiece of art glistening in solid gold and 84 diamonds. The Royal Prince then purchased the plate for one million euros after dinner in Ibiza, giving Chef Martino the title of “Million Dollar Chef.” Since that plate, he has created three more that are on sale at the Venetian in Las Vegas for 7.8, 9.7 and 12.5 million dollars. L’Oro di Bacco is another of his unique creations, a bottle of champagne valued at 1.7 million euros containing 24k gold and hundreds of diamonds, a unique piece for collectors and currently only available for exhibition.


The menu at Kaori comprises of small intricate plates designed to share and each dish has its own unique personality. We began our incredible culinary journey with the irresistibly inventive Kaori lettuce rolls, served on magnificent hand designed plates, which included the Bresaola Wagyu beef roll with Caciotta di bufala Cilento, iceberg, mango, Giusti balsamic and truffle honey. The salmon avocado roll is delicately filled with fresh Norwegian salmon, avocado, iceberg, pink sauce, cilantro and teriyaki. Don’t miss the Iberico roll with jamon paleta Iberico Bellota, burrata, pecorino Toscano, mango, iceberg and balsamic Modela. As we all eat with our eyes first, these phenomenal rolls burst with flavor as they are beautifully arranged as an artist canvas.

Crisp delicious vegetable and fish tempura, displayed in a beautiful ceramic purse and high heel shoe, included a selection of carrots, scallions, baby beets, zucchini as well as green and white asparagus. Salmon and tuna are offered in wonderful Kaori sauces or as fresh sashimi. Sushiotto, a signature section at Kaori that harmoniously combines risotto and fresh seafood, features shrimp or sea bass and is served with saffron essence or rich calamari ink. Brocheta’s included a selection of scallop, tuna, sea bass, and Wagyu rib eye, served in various sauces while the indulgent homemade pasta fagottini is stuffed with Caciotta white truffle of Alba Piemonte and served in pistachio of bronte sauce or stuffed with prousciutto and smoked mozzarella in a Calabria chili pepper sauce.

Our grand finale of sweet indulgences included an explosive chocolate lava cake, luscious chocolate mousse, an assortment of freshly made sorbetto and gelato along with vanilla and coffee bigne.

Kaori, perfect for every special occasion is an intimate setting where you will be mesmerized with the cuisine as well as the hypnotizing sounds, beauty and taste. With 12 tables inside the restaurant and an additional 6 seats behind the interactive Chef’s Table, you are in for a memorable experience by the one and only, Chef Walter Martino. For the ultimate Culinary experience, make sure to take the ultimate voyage among three lavish tasting menus where extravagant ingredients will be utilized including edible silver and gold. Kaori is open for dinner and reservations are recommended. Bon Appétit…



Kaori, 1250 S. Miami Avenue in Brickell.