Katsuya Brickell

Katsuya Brickell opened in June of last year, making it the restaurant’s second Miami location, and its 14th internationally. Master sushi chef Katsuya Uechi has created a menu that ingeniously incorporates other influences into the sushi and robata dishes, including traces of both Latin American and French elements. The dining experience here is meant to be a shared one, meaning you can order multiple small plates instead of just the “go-to” appetizer and main entrée. The inside of the Japanese restaurant’s design focuses on a modern take of the traditional izakaya, with oversized Daruma dolls (traditional Japanese dolls) hanging above the sushi bar.

My guest and I started off with the King Crab Tempura. I’m an avid seafood lover, so when the tempura arrived, sitting above a pool of Amazu sauce, I was thrilled. I didn’t hesitate to give each piece of crab a generous dip in the sauce, which was sweet and almost citrusy. The crab was seasoned with red onion, serrano, and cilantro and was charmingly soft, buttery, and warm. Next, we were brought three types of sashimi: salmon, yellowtail, and tuna. Each piece of sashimi was delicate and thinly sliced; I made sure to carefully dip them in the soy sauce. The salmon was tender and fatty, the tuna was lean and meaty, and the yellowtail had the thickest consistency—All were fresh and wonderful. Sashimi lovers: be sure to order these mouthwatering options!

For our last dish of the evening, we were treated to Katsuya’s most famous dessert: The White Chocolate Snowball. My waiter slowly poured liquid nitrogen all over the smooth ball, and the fumes rolled off of the plate and onto the table like calm ocean waves. Then, my waiter cracked open the ball with a light tap of a spoon to reveal the inside: Cheesecake mousse and yuzu curd. The white chocolate exterior was silky and rich, and the mousse and curd created a delightful lemony sugary combo. With dazzling presentations and a selection of diverse flavors, the Katsuya empire will only continue to prosper and grow.

8 S.E. 8 S T., MIAMI

By Aaliyah Pasols