Come and check out the latest international restaurant, Korner 67, located on Main Street in Miami Lakes. Take a trip around the world without leaving the Korner and discover a new cultural experience formed by diverse culinary masterpieces and a wide variety of mixology drinks. Korner 67 was created to promote connections and bring family and friends together around a table full of the best flavors with their tapas-style dishes. Once my guest and I were seated at our table, we ordered a couple of culinary cocktails to start off the evening. We ordered the Gav-A-Lady, handcrafted with Wheatley Vodka, St. Germain Elderflower, guava cordial, mint, and lemon. This cocktail is refreshing and a bit on the sweet side, which we both enjoyed.



For starters, we ordered from the Bites section of their menu: Crispy Tostones and Crispy Rice. The Crispy Tostones are topped with reina pepiada. These Crispy Tostones have a crispy texture and are topped with a creamy avocado chicken salad that tastes incredible. The Crispy Rice comes delicately topped with fresh ocean trout, creamy avocado, sashimi, and tartar. The combination of all the textures complements each other well. We really enjoyed this dish and highly recommend it. Next, we also ordered the Pear Fiocchi in Brown Butter & Sage. Pear Fiocchi are little purses filled with sautéed pears and served with savory brown butter and aromatic sage. This pasta dish tastes delectable as all the flavors go well together. With so many amazing dishes to choose from, you can’t go wrong.


Near the end of my dinner, we could barely fit any more food; the Crispy Tostones, Crispy Rice, and the Pear Fiocchi in Brown Butter & Sage exceeded my expectations and…my stomach capacity. Fortunately, the dessert I chose was light. The dessert we chose was the Classic French Opera, with layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee and chocolate filling. I recommend having a cappuccino with it for a perfect pairing. Korner 67 offers five other different desserts, such as Churros & Belgian Fondue, Italian Ricotta Cheesecake, Hazelnut Crunchy Praline, Almond Delirious, and Apple Cranberry Crisp. If you can’t choose just one, then choose Trois. With Trois, you can select three desserts on one plate. They also offer dessert wine by the glass.


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