Le Sirenuse


What better place is there to mirror the glamour and beauty of Italy’s Amalfi Coast than Surfside, Miami? Le Sirenuse, located inside the Four Seasons Hotel at The Surf Club, is the sister restaurant of the Michelin-starred La Sponda, which resides in Positano, Italy. Gorgeous tropical plants, vaulted wooden ceilings, touches of glimmering gold and soothing blues, and of course, the white-jacketed, gold epaulet-donning waiters all make up the elegant, stunning interior of the restaurant. As I sat down at my table alongside my guest, I took a couple of moments to bask in the loveliness of it all before opening up the menu.


Chef de Cuisine Antonio Mermolia has done a fantastic job at representing the Amalfi Coast and Naples through his culinary creations. There were so many ambrosial options that I struggled with what to choose! However, being a cheese lover, I chose La Caprese Calda. This easy-on-the-eyes dish comes served warm with buffalo mozzarella, grape tomato confit, oregano, and basil. The plentiful scoop of rich buffalo mozzarella melted in my mouth, and the juicy grape tomatoes sealed the deal. Next up was my pasta dish, The Raviolo Margherita. The charcoal house-made ravioli came garnished with pieces of basil, stuffed with fresh buffalo mozzarella, and surrounded by quality San Marzano tomato sauce. The harmony between the creamy cheese and the tomato sauce sent my taste buds into bliss—I couldn’t get enough of this masterful, uniquely-made ravioli dish!


For the main course, I ordered Merluzzo Cileno con Patata al Limone e Asparagi: Chilean seabass, smashed potatoes, asparagus, and Limoncello. The Chilean seabass was soft and tender, but had a light crisp on top, along with a small dollop of Limoncello sauce. A honey-like glaze was drizzled in a circle around the fish; I really enjoyed the honeyed combination of the glaze and the seabass. Beneath the fish was a mound of smooth garlic smashed potatoes, a very complementary side dish. All in all, Le Sirenuse is a grand, golden place to dine. If you’ve been to Italy, welcome back. If you have not, enjoy this peek into Positano. You won’t regret it!

9011 Collins Avenue, Surfside

By Aaliyah Pasols