Lobster Bar Sea Grille


Lobster Bar Sea Grille is one of the brightest diamonds to shine in the Miami seafood scene, offering fresh fish from around the world (Greece, Iceland, Hawaii—take your pick!), lobster served seven ways, and appetizers like char-grilled Mediterranean octopus. Thankfully, they’re extending their Miami Spice menu until November 30, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to indulge in their impeccable offerings! As my guest and I arrived, we appreciated the sophisticated, stunning design of the restaurant. Shimmering white herringbone subway tiles adorn the walls and ceilings, —an ode to the iconic Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant in New York City—and dim lighting from the charming crystal chandeliers set the mood.



When at a lobster bar, order lobster, right? How could I dine here without trying one of their most raved-about dishes? “The Lobster Stuffed Lobster” is self-explanatory. They take one of their two-pound lobsters, straight from the icy waters of Nova Scotia, Canada, and broil it. After, they crack open the shell and fill it with their flavorful lobster stuffing. Finally, the plate is served with lemon and warm drawn butter. The tail and the claw meat remained untouched in its shell, and I dug into that first. Lobster is one of my favorites, and the fresh, juicy plump meat, when dipped into the butter, was sensational. The lobster stuffing was also incredible—creamy, soft, and with an explosion of flavor that was somewhere between a light spice and an oceany, buttery, delight.


For dessert, my guest and I received an arrangement of all of their best, from crème brulee to a key lime bar to their signature Tropical Pavlova. The Tropical Pavlova is a crisp merengue that comes with caramel drizzled on top. Once I cracked it open, I was rewarded with passion fruit mousse, and an exotic, fruity sorbet that melted in my mouth. I adored the profiteroles—crunchy, mini cream puffs coated with sugar roasted almonds, Valrhona dark chocolate sauce, and powdered sugar. They were set up like ice cream sandwiches, with mouthwatering vanilla bean ice cream in the middle. It was sugary heaven, and a truly inimitable treat that will guarantee my return! Lobster Bar Sea Grille has something for everyone, and they excel in all of their dishes, but when you dine here, my advice is to go under the sea!


By Aaliyah Pasols