Los Fuegos

Los Fuegos, located in the gorgeous, gold-trimmed Faena Hotel, is designed to indulge your senses— most notably through an element: fire. This restaurant by James Beard Award-winning chef Francis Mallmann, incorporates the ancient art of South American live-fire cooking. Mallmann is no stranger to the technique; he grew up in Patagonia, Argentina and trained in top kitchens in France to perfect his grilling methods. Stepping into Los Fuegos is like stepping into a restaurant Jay Gatsby himself would likely dine at. It exudes glitz and glamor in everything from its towering, dramatic chandeliers to its leopard print lounge chairs and red leather seats.

Pink Grapefruit Salad
Wood Oven Empanadas

The menu is comprised of contemporary takes on traditional Argentinean dishes, encouraging you to take a gastronomical journey through the country. The Pink Grapefruit Salad and Wood Oven Empanadas were brought out as our first plates of the evening. The salad was simple yet powerful, the majority of the flavor coming from the tangy and punchy grapefruit and the bold Aged Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. The empanadas, one beef and one cheese, were lovely. I particularly enjoyed the one stuffed with Pecorino cheese and caramelized onions. After pouring the fresh tomato Llajua sauce into the pillow soft, chewy dough, I realized that it tasted like a mini gourmet pizza! Yum!


The Copper Grill “Parrillada,” came on a smoking hot platter, “family style.” Prime Angus Skirt Steak, a Mediterranean Branzino filet, Chorizo, Morcilla, and a row of Domino Potatoes gave me not even a clue to know where to begin! I settled on the Branzino filet as I relished the flaky, crispy skin and the soft, tasty meat inside. A trio of sauces were provided for the different meats, and I added the garlic aioli for an extra kick! Next, I opted for the chorizo and morcilla. I’m Puerto Rican, so I’m quite familiar with both types of sausage, and I really enjoyed Los Fuegos’ twist on them. The plump, succulent sausages were grilled to perfection; I didn’t even add any sauce to them as the scrumptious taste of the meat was enough flavor!

By the time I reached dessert, I was definitely in need for something sweet after all of the salty. A dessert platter was presented before me, in addition to a small glass of a white dessert wine. Sweet and light, I sipped the wine in between my dessert tastings. The first, was a unique Dulce De Leche pancake with charred orange and vanilla ice cream. The crispy pancake gave way to a rush of sugary, caramel flavor when cut into—simply fantastic. Next, I had Flan topped with whipped cream, blueberries and strawberries, and a more natural flow of sweetness excited my taste buds. The consistency was on point; some flan can turn out to be too watery, but this was a bit thicker and thus, made well. The last dessert I welcomed into my almost-at-capacity stomach was the Chocolate Cake Nemesis, a cake with a mousse-like consistency that was accompanied by blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, and Greek yogurt! All in all, my experience at this lavish gem goes unmatched. Los Fuegos lit my taste buds on fuego and I will surely be back!


By Aaliyah Pasols