Monkitail was awarded USA Today’s Reader’s Choice “Best Hotel Restaurant of 2017” and luckily for you, it’s right in your backyard. Famed celebrity chef Michael Schulson offers a menu that gives a spin on the Japanese izakaya, inviting guests to order small plates and sushi to share. An open robatayaki kitchen is the heart of the restaurant and a 15-seat sushi bar surrounds the action-packed area. A low-key and tranquil cocktail lounge is also present, providing soft tunes and all the sake you desire.


If it’s a distinctive, powerful taste you’re aiming for, this one will pack a punch. The Kumamoto Oysters arrived in a very aesthetically pleasing presentation. Laying on top of shaved ice, the oysters looked irresistible. Purples and greens made for an exotic look due to the yuzu basil seed and komomo puree detailed atop the oysters. Biting into them reveals a salty, rich essence that will leave you licking your lips for more.


The Duck Shabu Shabu is a pleasure to have. Served steaming hot right out the kitchen, you’ll want to grab the chopsticks and dig in. The duck is served thinly sliced and neatly layered on a side plate. Add the duck into the noodles for a literal melting pot of explosive flavors. The mushroom, tofu and cabbage in the palatable pot come together with the duck in an impeccable union. The best compliment to this meal is the Duck Scrapple Bao Buns. These pillow-soft buns are wrapped around exquisite duck, which is dripping with sweet maple teriyaki marinade and chili.

The Diplomat Beach Resort
3555 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood • monkitail

By Aaliyah Pasols