Osaka Will Shock Ya

Nestled amongst the glitzy high-rises and the walkable streets of Brickell is the Nikkei restaurant Osaka. The sleek, sophisticated design of the Peruvian-Japanese concept fits in impeccably with its surroundings. The interior is inspired by Japanese architecture and Feng Shui, a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy. Osaka emits this pleasant energy with its dim lighting, wooden furniture, and lush plants that line the walls. Toward the back of the restaurant is the illuminated ceviche and Nikkei bar where you can watch the itamaes, or sushi chefs, perfecting their craft.

Wagyu Want?

When dining at a Peruvian restaurant, it would be foolish not to order ceviche. Thankfully, Osaka knows this and places their savory ceviche at the top of the menu. My waiter recommended the Osk ceviche, which arrived in a lovely presentation, with square chunks of juicy tuna piled on top of each other, embellished with crispy quinoa and kyuri. The red bites of tuna, lying in a wonderful rocoto yuzu sauce, reminded me of watermelon but the texture was instead smooth like butter!

Next up was the Niku Nigiri, which consisted of Japanese A5 Wagyu beef, tare foie, lime, and molden salt. The two delicate pieces of beef were torched tableside, readying it for consumption. Upon the first bite, the price ($32) was justified as a burst of sensational flavor arose from the unsuspecting small piece of wagyu, taking me on a journey of honeyed essence and quality beef flavor. The only issue you’ll have with this dish is deciding whether to order two more!

Mad for Mochi

Mochi is one of my favorite desserts, so I was thrilled to try Osaka’s Mochi Osk, which comes with three pieces of flavored mochi: matcha tea, passion fruit, and Illanka chocolate ice cream. They were embellished with pretty flowers and arrived on top of a decorative piece of wood. The matcha tea mochi tasted refreshing and creamy, while the chocolate was rich and velvety. The passionfruit was a delightful fruity and sweet treat. All in all, Osaka is a divine way to be introduced to Nikkei cuisine—if you have yet to experience it, you’ll want to come here for the best of the best!