SALT or not to salt

By Renée K. Quinn

Good ole table salt has its uses, of course, but when you’ve got a plethora of sea salts to choose from, why not step out a bit? Here’s a sampling of four sea salts to enhance your dish:

Alderwood Smoked Salt creates an authentic and clean smoke flavor that imparts a barbecue flavor in steaks, salmon or chicken without the grill.

Black Truffle Salt will take your hand-cut French fries to the next level with this intense earthy salt — expensive but worth it.

Citrus Flake Salt’s delicate pyramid crystals, with intense lemony flavor, are perfect for seafood, grilled vegetables and on the rim of your lime margarita on the rocks.

The subtlest of all peach colored salts, Murray River, is the perfect flake salt for chocolates or caramels.

Unique tip: Salt mutes bitterness, accentuates sweetness and reveals depth of flavor. Salt also brings out the best in your coffee, from the strongest of black brews to the most elaborate of coffee drinks. Try sprinkling a few vanilla bean or espresso infused crystals into your next cup.

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