Seaside Brunch

Brunch is one of South Florida’s favorite things to do, so much so that it seems to have even become a verb. The best place to brunch is without a doubt, Pelican Grand Beach Resort’s OCEAN2000. Here, guests can choose to sit inside or outside, but the latter is probably the best bet; the ocean views are truly phenomenal. The only thing that could make the view better are some satisfying sips, and don’t worry, the restaurant has thought of that too, with Bottomless Mimosas and a 50- item Bloody Mary bar. Drinks up!

OCEAN2000’s Brunch Buffet had me tempted by plates left and right, but I went for the Cinnamon-Nutella Brioche French Toast, breakfast potatoes, and Citron-Relish Mahi Mahi. Next, I allowed the smell of freshly cooked eggs and bacon to beckon me towards the Made-To-Order Omelet Station. There I was able to tell the chef exactly which ingredients I wanted (spinach, tomatoes, cheese, and peppers) as I watched him flip the omelet, throw a generous handful of cheese inside, and fold it all over before handing it to me, smoking hot and fresh.

As I sat staring out at the beachy views, I tried the French toast, which was soft, warm, and sweet, much like how Grandma would make. Working my way around the plate, I combined my crispy breakfast potatoes with my huge omelet, which was well cooked, cheesy, and just downright heavenly! Lastly, I tore into the delicate, citrusy Mahi Mahi. As my guest continued to refill her bottomless Mimosas, I plotted on how I could manage to fit some sweets.

It turns out that the only convincing my stomach needed to endure dessert was to take a glance at the dessert platters. Key lime tarts, cakes, pies, fruit tarts, mini eclairs, cream puffs, and a chocolate fountain were all presented in abundance to complete my dessert dreamland. After, I set my sights upon The Crepe Station, where a chef smoothed out the batter expertly, placing my requested blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and Nutella toppings inside as I watched with barely uncontainable joy. Warm, covered in powdered sugar, and dripping with blueberry and strawberry sauce, the crepe broke apart as my guest and I dug in, deciding to fully indulge and #treatourselves!

By Aaliyah Pasols