Shooters Waterfront


Located on the Intracoastal Waterway, Shooters Waterfront is both a romantic date night spot, and elegant eatery for families and friends alike. After being remodeled in 2014, the restaurant has taken on a new sophisticated look, especially when it comes to the outside lounge, which features firepits, palm trees, comfy seating, and a relaxing, cool breeze. Unfortunately, when I arrived at the restaurant with my date, it had begun to rain, but the staff were very swift in accommodating myself and the rest of the guests as they arranged for all of us to sit inside. Two glasses of champagne with a strawberry perched on the side were the first of many tasty treats to arrive at our table. My date and I promptly toasted. Cheers!


Freshness was the quality that was emphasized to me the most as I began to look over my menu and accept recommendations from my waiter, Daniel. He was exceptionally knowledgeable about the dishes and claimed that he tried to provide his guests with a dining experience that he would like to have himself. Taking his suggestions proved satisfactory as my date and I started off with the Grilled Lollipop Lamb Chops, and the Shooters Crispy Calamari. The lamb chops were tender and juicy; my date couldn’t help but eat them down to the bone. The “lollipop” portion of the name became obvious when I dipped my lamb chops into the curry yogurt marinade; it maintained a sweet essence with a slight spice that was much welcome in my tummy!


When it came down to the main course, I was split over which to choose, but decided to go with the mouthwatering Lobster Salad. Not only was the presentation grand, but the combination of so many different flavors had my mind spinning and my taste buds eager for more. Broiled Maine lobster (again, the freshness is key here), corn, celery, red onion, basil, parsley, lemon, and Bibb lettuce made up the remaining ingredients in the incredible salad, and I ate all the way down to the last leafy green. Although I was nearing my stomach’s capacity, I simply had to rid myself of my chocolate cravings. The Chocolate Fudge Cake rewarded those urges as I dug into a massive slice of moist, rich, layers and thick fudge icing. After one last glass of sparkling water, I was on my way, pleasantly content, and already planning my next trip back!


By Aaliyah Pasols