Miami Beach’s Sunset Harbor has always had charm, but Stiltsville definitely brings the flavor. Small town raised chef Jeff McInnis serves up what I believe to be South Florida’s freshest catch. A tub icing the Catch of the Day welcomes you into this industrial yet familiar feeling eatery with Miami largest rum bar at your service. After studying the sea-themed space and the menu, I decided to let the master chef guide me through his dishes…and “off the hook” cocktails. As a cool DonQ Cristal, Lemon Hart, black pear, vanilla, lime and ginger drink named Bikini Club made its way down my throat, I knew I made the right choice!


Smoked fish dip with house pickles and thyme butter saltines kept our taste buds entertained before the “snacks” rolled in. Green deviled eggs topped with crunchy county ham accompanied their unique crispy “coconut shrimp.” Unlike the typical breading, these jumbo shrimp were wrapped in Kataifi stings that keep them light and perfect. The sour orange & Snapper ceviche cleansed and cooled our palates as the Cobia tiradito with avocado, hominy and popped corn topped with aji amarillo chili came with a spicy punch. Other distinctive starters were the fun-to-eat buffalo fish wings and juicy wood grilled oysters with greenneck butter served with charred sourdough crostini to soak up the delectable saps that fall.


Still in bliss from all of the savory dishes, we welcomed a perfectly fried whole snapper for two. The soft, golden-crusted fillets were cut off the bone and served to us at the table alongside a sweet corn spoon bread that gave it all a warm southern feel. Now, how can I leave this Key-West-inspired restaurant without enjoying a creamy, tangy key lime pie? I can’t! The citrusy sweetness of this homemade treat was the “key” to ending an incredible meal.

1787 Purdy Avenue, Miami Beach

By KB Roman