Terra Mare


Terra Mare is an oceanfront restaurant where land and sea meet! This sophisticated and convenient eatery is located inside the Conrad Fort Lauderdale Hotel! The elegant ambiance matches its surroundings with blue hues mimicking the water and Earth toned colors imitating the sand throughout. They offer indoor or outdoor seating. I chose to sit outside to enjoy the ocean breeze and appreciate the sound of the waves as I drank a mimosa to get started. I couldn’t pass on the mimosas since Terra Mare has a Mimosa Station with different selections of juices to choose from such as strawberry, lychee, orange, mango, passion fruit, and mango and orange mixed juices!


Next, as I glanced through their exquisite brunch menu, I ordered their lemon poppy seed pancakes, with a side of scrambled eggs. As the waiter made his way to me, the enticing smell drew closer, and I couldn’t wait to try the doublestacked pancakes topped with strawberries, blackberries, and powdered sugar! The taste was even more satisfying than the smell and the texture was light and fluffy with a bit of tartness. The side of scrambled eggs was cooked to perfection, tasty and filling. The word delicious, is an understatement!


Was it too early for dessert? I think not. Luckily, I had saved room because after glancing through Terra Mare’s dessert menu I only wished to savor their crème brûlée. This dessert was made with a caramel sponge, vanilla whipped crème fraiche, and garnished with a grapefruit macaron. I was in heaven with its smooth pudding-like texture in the middle, and delicate crisp top that was subtly sweet. The quintessential grapefruit macaron melted in my mouth with a slight bitter finish! This brunch was a perfect way to start the day, with the ocean view, bottomless mimosas, soft pancakes and a crème brûlée that’s unforgettable!


By Vanessa C. Guzman


Vanessa is an outgoing person who is always trying to keep the peace and the positivity flowing. She loves the beach, going out with her friends, and being a great THINKer as Editorial Director.