Uchi Miami

Uchi is one of the newest Asian restaurants to debut in Miami, having opened back in January of this year. This is the second outpost of the award-winning restaurant; the first hails from Austin, Texas and was opened in 2003 by James Beard Award-winning chef Tyson Cole. The menu offers a signature, non-traditional take on Japanese cuisine and the interior welcomes guests in with modern, relaxed décor that includes polished wooden tables and chairs, dim lighting, and Japanese-inspired designs on the walls. To get a little taste of everything Uchi has to offer, my guest and I went with the Chef’s Tasting menu.

To begin, the oyster special was brought to my table. It consisted of four oysters from the Prince Edward Islands. The oysters were ice cold with foam and lemongrass on top. There were also hints of coconut and a strong lime flavor from the finger lime. It was simply rejuvenating! Masu Pom, part of their Cool Tastings, was brought out next. It was an attractive sashimi presentation with raw cubes of ocean trout set in a pomegranate zu sauce with gooseberry. The trout was incredibly soft and melted in my mouth. The dish as a whole was citrusy and paired well with the sweetness of the pomegranate. I was left wanting even more!

My favorite dish out of all of the courses was the lobster special. The butter-poached lobster arrived on top of aromatic baked apples, all in a shallow pool of slightly spicy, buttery green curry. The lobster was sweet and succulent while the baked apples were juicy with a tinge of cinnamon flavor, making for a pleasant combination that reminded me of dessert. For our actual dessert, we had the Jasmine Cream, which consists of several layers. The bottom is crunchy honey tuile crumbs, followed by thick jasmine cream, and finally: an icy cilantro granita, which is a semi-frozen dessert that resembles a slushy. On top, little cubes of juicy pineapple and cilantro embellished it. For those that don’t like excessively sweet desserts, the Jasmine Cream is perfect; full of herbal, refreshing flavors complemented by crunchy and creamy textures.


By Aaliyah Pasols