Villa Azur is a French Mediterranean restaurant with an Italian twist that will make you feel right at home with a large study-like indoor area that includes a faux fireplace filled with white leather couches, wooden tables, and even a large birdcage with a swing— Perfect for that Snapchat pic! The outdoor seating is just as wonderful with a DJ spinning, music, colorful light accents and incredible service. While looking over the menu, my guest and I selected the calamari as our appetizer and couldn’t wait to dig in. The calamari rings were lightly battered, and we really enjoyed this tasty dish, complete with tomato compote, black aioli, and baby arugula. We accompanied it with a sauvignon blanc, suggested by their expert sommelier.

After the mouthwatering appetizer, I yearned for more seafood and ordered their Grilled Whole Branzino (also known as the European sea bass). I couldn’t resist the fresh, delicate, white flesh, of the flaky fish that had an almost sweet flavor to it. The main course was prepared in a sun-dried tomato vinaigrette that added to the sweetness and was garnished with crispy elephant garlic chips. I also ordered the Catalan Sauté Kale as a side, which was made with golden raisins, pinenuts, and garlic as a great addition to my main dish. After such a satisfying and fulfilling meal, it was time for dessert!

On a sweeter note, as I gazed through the dessert menu, I realized that it would definitely be a difficult decision with all of the amazing selections they have to choose from. My guest and I finally agreed on the Homemade Nutella Mousse. It was presented in a jar, which was filled with mousse that consisted of a light, airy texture, followed by the smooth and savory flavor of Nutella. It was then garnished with a mix of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and a piece of milk chocolate. It was love at first bite! The chocolatey consistency along with the tartness of the fruits was a heavenly combination and perfect ending to the meal! Rest assured, I will be back to Villa Azur!




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